Meet Marvin

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Meet Marvin

So, what is Marvin? Marvin® is our brand new, super fast hosting platform.

Rat Hosting strongly believes that website speed is of great importance when it comes to SEO, and that is why we've built Marvin. The Marvin® hosting
platform is made up of state of the art Intel® Xeon technology, super fast DDR3 RAM, super reliable RAID protected storage, and super fast GigaEthernet.


Watercooling Technology - We look after the environment.

At Rat Hosting we believe in the environment and that is why we use environmentally friendly methods to maintain the health of our servers. One of the
greatest benefits of watercooling technology is the low power consumption. The heart of liquid cooling is located in the rack. The heat is removed by using
pumps outside the rack. The liquid is transferred directly from the room to the outside walls of the datacentre, where there are exchangers that cool it. The
management system of the pumps is completely redundant. But most importantly, very little energy is needed to run the pumps. It's environmentally safe!