Going the Extra Mile

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Going the Extra Mile

Rat Hosting strives to stay one step ahead of the competition by going the extra mile to make our customers smile. Since we started in November 2012 we have been experimenting, implementing lots of fresh ideas, obtaining feedback from our customers and using that feedback to make our service even better! We understand that our customers want a robust service that they can rely on but one that is backed up by great customer service. That is something Rat Hosting can provide! Customer service is not about doing things a predefined way, it's about providing the quickest and the best solution to a problem!

Going the Extra Mile

Does your host offer you remote assistance?

How many web hosting providers do you know that will remote into your computer and set things up for you, such as Outlook email or uploading your website? Rat Hosting does, and we're pretty sure that we're the only one that does...we were certainly the first! Many providers will make you sit on a phone listening to canned music while they ship you across departments only to tell you they can't help you! That is enough to infuriate anybody, so we don't do it!

Does your host give you 1-on-1 time to resolve incidents?

Incidents are a big pain and nobody likes them! They are not meant to happen and so it is imperative that they're resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible to minimise disruption to your services. Rat Hosting understands this and we also understand how frustrating this can be for the customer. This is why we aim to provide any customers who are seriously affected by an outage with 1-on-1 time. By talking with the customer we can listen to their frustrations as well as explain what we're doing to resolve them. Rest assured that we will stay in contact with you until the incident has been resolved to your satisfaction.

How far will your host go beyond what you pay for in your package?

Are you able to send a text message to your hosting provider at ridiculous hours of the morning? Are you able to talk to your hosting provider while you're on the train or in any other situation where you're not sat in front of your computer? No? Well, at Rat Hosting you can! We are available on Skype and iMessage!