About the Company

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About the Company

Rat Hosting is a cPanel and WHM certified website hosting provider.

Founded in November 2012 by Zachary Roberts, a 20 year old college student at the time, Rat Hosting has since formed into a reputable hosting company with a growing, triple-digit client base. The secret behind Rat Hosting's success is the family approach to business and the strong relationship with clients.

Rat Hosting is proud to do business differently! Every valued customer is treated as part of the family. With this approach towards business, Rat Hosting has succeeded in building a strong relationship with clients. Good customer service costs nothing, and it's what a lot of businesses seem to lack.

In March 2013, Rat Hosting acquired Cyber Snake, a company owned by Kristian Thomson. Cyber Snake subsequently merged with Rat Hosting on 26th March 2013 and Kristian Thomson now co-runs Rat Hosting. With the family approach to business, Cyber Snake's clients feel at home with Rat Hosting.

Learn more about Rat Hosting:

Sometimes it's difficult to explain things in words, so we have made a short video. It's very enlightening and well worth watching. It is a little under five minutes in length and it demonstrates who we really are and why we have become such a successful company in such a short time. If you are interested in Rat Hosting's services and wish to learn more about us then this enlightening video is much better than any words we could use to describe our company.

Super Fast Hosting Platform:

Introducing Marvin, our brand new, super fast hosting platform. Supercharge your website with speeds of up to four times faster. Marvin is a revolutionary approach to website hosting as, even at peak times, customers will enjoy a super fast hosting experience. At Rat Hosting, we understand that speed is of the essence and that poor loading speeds is damaging to your website's SEO. This is why we've created Marvin, an all-new approach to website hosting.

Supporting Our Local Charities:

Rat Hosting is proud to support local charities who dedicate their lives to helping others by safeguarding children or carrying out crucial research.

You can find more detailed information on how we support our local charities by visiting our Charities page: https://www.rathosting.com/charity.php